actively whistlen foxes?

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actively whistlen foxes?

Post by HDS »

does anyone get out more than once to do much active fox whistlin on here?

its something i wanna do more of, but the whole deer thing has taken over a bit.. looking to get back into fox whistlin though!

i shoot most of the foxes i get in the headlights on flat ground with a 222 , but back before the deeer buzz we used shotguns an AAAs quite often when whistling!

what whistles or calls do ya use ? an what gun combos?
Warm Barrels.

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actively whistlen foxes?

Post by Seb »

Have had good luck with button and tenterfield style whistles. The tenterfield take a bit of practice to make work.
The other thing I did last time was pinch my step mums Bluetooth speaker and played some sounds I downloaded, distressed parrot and rabbit squeals brought them in pretty quickly.