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Soft Points

Post by HDS »

Who here is using a SP projectile for Sambar?
what brand and model / calibre?

Cup and Core projectiles are typically a Softer projectile than a premium (unless premium expansion type) and in the Past these bullets have been labelled inferior to the Bonded Premium (expensive) projectile..

many will claim that the projectile is a most important tool an that price should not be a factor in deciding a projectile for hunting... they say after all the fuel an accesories, whats a few $ in a shot..

i beg to differ, i rather buy 100 projectiles for the same price as the 50, i like to shoot alot of them into Dirt, i like to do it fairly often........... or DID.

Prices are rising an no sign of them ever lowering, let alone the distribution an importation of them.... Leaving us aussies in a difficult spot at times.

a General rule of thumb when using SP, is to go "heavier" than needed- as the SP construction is weaker, the Extra initial mass will aid in penetration an should expand apart less, often as the Speed/FPS is not as high as lighter options..
Going light lends itself to projectile failure, this is where the projectile, tends to fail to penetrate Sambar deer-- most often it is a mis matched projectile an intended purpose combo.

i started loading a 180gr SP in my .30-06, for two or three reasons..
1- i initially went the Lighter Woodleigh route , So had 130gr stock piled and then switched up to 150gr Woodleighs........... i found the 130gr was expanding a "bit too much" an most often catching in the hide an not presenting big blood trails.. on the Stags i found the 150gr to simply "get it done".

2- with a heavy projectile like a 180gr in .30 cal , there wasnt a need to go Bonded, the 30-06 doesnt produce enough FPS to shread SPs, an 180gr has ample mass behind it even once the nose peels open.

3- I wanted to set this rifle up for Closer than longer shooting scenerios, Stalking, as we know it.. FPS wasnt an issue but being able to 'put the windows' in the Sambar at any angle up to 200m or so-point an shoot..
my down fall is the longer Pokes, though im cool with attempting to close the gaps.

Anyway, You use SP?

Warm Barrels.

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Soft Points

Post by Hosery »

The ol -06 gets to rest in the safe more often than not these days. But it pretty much only feeds on 180gr corelokts. Best sambar medicine out for my needs with that cannon. Whack em on the shoulder and your laughing. None of this squeeze it behind the crease with these pills tho.

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Soft Points

Post by biglaz »

I like using 220gr Sierra semi spizters in the 300WM, there is no mistaking that "whaaack" sound on a hit.
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