Hunt Reports

Please use the blue submission, or download the app. The report is publicly accessible to all users, and through filtering by species, method and approximate locations allows users to begin to understand the health of our deer populations

All submissions remain anonymous. 

You will need to make a submission for each animal taken. 

To gain any meaningful data this project will need the co-operation of hunters and their input over a number of years. Please be honest and thank you for taking a proactive approach to the future of the deer herds in Australia.

A few of us in the community have been talking about the future of deer in Australia and figured it was a good idea to try to get an indication of herd structure amongst the various species.
The long term plan for this app is to see the ratio of males and females getting shot and whether the antler growth of the males is influenced by the amount of females, with the end goal being improved opportunities for quality trophies.
Short term the information could be used to influence government regarding culls.
For example if this app reports that 1000 sambar deer were shot on the Howitt Plains this data could be used to show Parks Vic that hunters are managing numbers.
Family groups associated with breeding hinds cause proportionally higher environmental impact than Stags, due to their smaller home ranges (i.e., their browsing is more localised).
Keeping hind numbers low will ensure the herd has a lower impact on the environment and provide better feed quality for all Sambar. Stag nutrition and condition is especially critical to Trophy development, but the better start a male fawn gets from a well-conditioned mother is also very important.
The Hunt Report survey is short and I urge you to send any input or feedback you have on it 
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